Julia Rebecca Miron



me BandW

A devout optimist with a passion for  personal growth. On a journey of self-discovery, following a path paved with pebbles of wisdom and AHA moments. On a mission to INSPIRE, UPLIFT, and SHIFT!

Backstory:  A few years ago I found myself in the throes of a nervous breakdown. I was going through a devastating breakup from an emotionally abusive fiance, working in a toxic and hostile work environment that I absolutely hated, my family was in complete turmoil- no one was speaking to each other, and most of my “best friends” had abandoned me. I had also abandoned me.

I was terribly depressed. My life had crumbled around me and I was buried beneath the rubble.

It was not the first time something like that had happened. But it was definitely the worst. I was tired of arriving at the same places over and over again.  I knew I had to get to work. So that’s what I did. I worked harder than I ever have in my life- on rebuilding Who I Am.

Once you hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up.

After years of hard (and awesome) work I can now confidently say that I am the person I have always wanted to be, and I continue to blossom more fully into my ideal self every day. I live the life of my dreams- and it continues to unfold into more of a dream come true every day.

I did the work. Now I want to help others do the work. I share my stories. I offer up lessons I have learned (and continue to learn). I divulge the insights that I gain. I give what I receive. I pay it forward.

Come with me on this journey- to INSPIRE, UPLIFT, and SHIFT!







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